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What are the requirements for materials and machines for two-color mold injection?

2018-01-03 14:25:00        0

Two-color injection molding, as its name suggests, is a component that is molded with two plastics. The generalized two-color injection molding is realized by ordinary injection molding machine and two injection moldings. The narrow two-color injection molding refers to the injection molding of two different plastics on the same machine by two-color injection molding machine, which has been widely used in the mobile phone industry. There are many fields in the pen industry, automobile industry, home appliance industry, hand tools industry and daily necessities. So what are the requirements for materials and machines for two-color mold injection? Let's introduce them to everyone.

Two-color mold injection molding requirements for materials:

Paired materials for two-color injection molding must meet two basic compatibility conditions, and the bond compatibility and processing are compatible. In addition, the following requirements must be met:

(1) injection unit, parallel co-directional, parallel-oriented, horizontal and vertical L-type, Y-type co-directional single-cylinder injection structure;

(2) Mixing nozzles, special nozzles such as patterns, waves, flow marks, gradients, and interlayers;

(3) clamping, standard, vertical rotary, horizontal rotary, rotary, robot rotary and other institutions;

(4) Feeding, in addition to the standard hydraulic motor drive, there is ESD (ElectricScrewDrive) electric feeding structure;

(5) Oil circuit, with ACC accumulator high-speed injection and closed circuit design.

Two-color mold injection molding machine requirements:

High performance and high energy consumption: The injection molding machine can quickly adjust the supply according to its own needs, which can effectively improve the utilization rate of the injection molding machine, thus achieving high efficiency and energy saving.

Good stability: the system can reach a new equilibrium state after a short adjustment process or return to the original equilibrium state under the given input or external disturbance.

Fast response: rapid response is one of the important indicators of the dynamic quality of the servo system. Due to the short production process, it is generally within 200ms. To achieve the overshoot requirement, the frontier of the transition process is required, and the rate of increase after energy saving is improved. To be large, the injection molding machine reaches 1500 rpm for less than 0.03 seconds.

High precision: The servo motor adopts permanent magnet technology, which is accurate and rapid. The servo motor adopts PLC technology, and the control is more precise. The allowable deviation is generally between 0.01 and 0.00lmm.

Energy saving: Adopting a blanking system to reduce power consumption.

The above is the analysis of the requirements of materials and machines for two-color mold injection for Shenzhen Keshimei. I hope I can provide you with reference.

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