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How can I reduce the number of maintenance of two-color molds?

2018-09-10 14:25:00        0

How can we reduce the number of maintenance of two-color molds? With the development of the mold industry, the application of two-color injection molds is more and more extensive, and in the process of use, there will be different problems. This will affect our production efficiency and will require a lot of maintenance costs. So how can we reduce the number of maintenance of two-color molds?

How can we reduce the number of maintenance of two-color molds?

1. The design and manufacturing process of the mold is strictly controlled. At this time, if there is any problem, the manufactured product is unqualified, and the mold has a great influence. If the problem cannot be controlled at this time, otherwise the maintenance is avoided. Nothing.

2. In terms of production control, things like hot runner plug iron and PIN pin stuck bad mold in the table should be avoided as much as possible.

3. Standardization and inventory of wearing parts, thimbles, springs, cylinders, guide columns, guide sleeves, etc. should be as uniform as possible and stocked.

4. The three maintenance of the maintenance and mold repair department in the usual production should be solidly in place.

5. Standardize the operation process, strengthen scientific injection molding knowledge training, and try not to damage the mold in production. Improper parameters such as low pressure protection setting, mold clamping speed, clamping force, injection speed, holding pressure, mold temperature, etc. will greatly damage the mold.

These are the methods and steps to minimize the number of two-color mold repairs. If you can do the above, then you know how to reduce the number of maintenance of the two-color mold. In this case, the maintenance of the two-color injection mold can be reduced, and the production efficiency of the enterprise will be relatively large.

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