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Six strong advantages that Cosme can't miss.

2018-10-29 10:25:00        0

What are the six strong advantages that Koshimei should not miss? Do you really want to know that Koshimei has focused on the production of two-color high-precision injection molds for 10 years and has become a benchmark for the plastic mold industry. So as a benchmarking company, what are its six strong advantages? Xiaobian will analyze for you one by one:

Six strong advantages that Cosme can't miss.

Two-color mold

1. Strong production strength

Keshimei has a strong technical team from mold design, manufacturing, molding and painting, with 100 employees.

2. Forming of two-color products

Keshimei two-color mold forming products have a good reputation in the same industry and cooperation customers, and are well recognized and praised by the industry.

3. High-performance equipment to ensure precision

Keshimei has 15 sets of two-color injection molding machines, and the equipments are imported from Japan, Germany and Sweden. The performance is stable and the precision of the products can be better guaranteed. And the service life is 500,000 times more than the average mold.

4. Complete testing process

Keshimei has a relatively complete testing process, and is equipped with 2.5-dimensional and 3-dimensional testing equipment, which can better ensure the passing rate of finished products.

5. Customized on demand

Keshimei can also customize the processing according to the customer's drawings and samples. And its business involves more than 10 industries, with good reputation, and can fulfill customer requirements on schedule.

6. Perfect after-sales service

Career's two-color mold maintenance notes and maintenance have a professional team to be responsible, and emergency orders, special circumstances will also be treated. Relatively speaking, it has perfect after-sales service.

The six strong advantages that Koshimei can't miss! Have you gotten it? Koshimei (http://www.dlhwszx.com/) has been operating from the beginning of its establishment to the present, and has experienced the baptism of the wind and rain, the phoenix nirvana, The company has created a beautiful plastics industry, focusing on the design, manufacture and injection molding of plastic molds (monochrome, two-color, multi-color). The company has a clear division of labor and mature technology. From mold design, manufacturing, plastic injection molding, painting, silk screen printing, each step of Kosme uses high-quality raw materials and professional technology, and is fully committed to producing high-quality products and providing a complete customer service system. National Advisory Service Hotline: 0755-2940-8266

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